Unique Staffing - Services

Unique Staffing offers the following services:


We recruit candidates for staffing primarily in the following areas:

  • Data entry
  • Customer service/call centers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Bank tellers

We are unique because our candidates generally come from faith-based or community-based organizations and retired workforce groups (retired teachers, AARP, etc).


Once we recruit candidates, we ensure that they are qualified for the position they are applying for. Utilizing our unique partnership with Louisville Community Initiative (LCI), our candidates receive the training necessary to perform their job at a high level before being presented to employer partners.


Once a qualified candidate is hired, we are unique in that we continue working with the candidate to ensure they remain in their position. We do this by providing candidates with unique access to resources that reduce turnover. We achieve annual retention rates much higher than industry averages because of this unique approach.


Besides recruiting, training, and retaining candidates, we also provide workforce intermediary consulting services.

Our focus is on developing strategies for the 4 workforce groups below:

The intermediary must assist employers, training providers, and community-based and faith-based organizations in developing recruiting, training, and retaining strategies that are based on readiness. Cities such as Memphis, Tennessee and Austin, Texas as well as Louisville, Kentucky have divided candidates into 4 workforce groups. Senior citizens and those currently working have the basic skills. They may need only one week to become ready for new assignments created by the intermediary. Those coming out of high school (the emerging workforce) need 2 to 12 weeks to become ready. They need to learn the "language" of work as well as the culture of specific industries. Those who are drop-outs, ex-offenders, immigrants and welfare recipients (transitional workforce) need to "build" a work history to be prepared for a work assignment. They will need more than 12 weeks to be ready.

Our consulting services are uniquely designed to develop workforce strategies that improve employers access to candidates in each workforce group.

We also assist in managing workforce information-"infomediary." This is described in the figure below:

A successful intermediary must manage the flow of workforce information; it must become an "infomediary" - a manager of information. Having the wrong information, too much information or "unintelligible" information stops progress. The intermediary must provide the right information on time to the group most in need of it. Understand, also, that the "language" of business is very different from the "language" of education or social services. Like visiting a foreign country, the workforce intermediary must speak the language of profit/business (revenue, expense, profit) and non-profit (grants, fundraising, taxes) and translate it so that the affected parties understand and comprehend. The figure above demonstrates how the process flows and gives examples of what type of information is needed. Managing information is critical.