Unique Staffing - Our Approach

What makes Unique Staffing unique? We believe it is our approach. We assign one staff person (liaison) to each business partner we provide staffing for. This person is responsible for recruiting and retaining candidates for a business partner. The services provided by the Unique Staffing liaison include not only recruiting candidates from community and faith-based organizations, but retaining these same candidates with access to resources that reduce turnover.

Research shows that the three main things that impact one's ability to work is:

  1. Day care
  2. Transportation
  3. Emergency financial assistance

We ensure candidates are qualified by providing them the necessary training through Louisville Community Initiative (LCI), one of our valued partners.

By ensuring candidates are qualified and assisting them with issues that can get in the way of work, we are uniquely positioned to provide a high retention rate (70% annual retention vs 50% average annual retention in the industries we serve), saving our clients tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in hiring costs.

Our unique business model is shown in the figure below: