Unique Staffing - About Us

Unique Staffing, LLC was formed in September 2007 to better access emerging workforce opportunities. More specifically, the shrinking workforce is dictating that employers seek other options in finding qualified employees.

According to statistics, 48% of the current workforce are "baby boomers" who began retiring in January 2008. Generation X that is positioned to replace them is only 28%. This 20% gap will have a negative impact on employers who will be seeking replacements for this retiring workforce group. Evidence of this is best seen in the healthcare field where there is a significant shortage of nurses. If employers do not use new and unique resources to find candidates, they will go out of business or be forced to transfer jobs overseas.

"The silent killer of corporate profits is turnover."

Ten years ago, few employers tracked cost per hire or turnover ratio. The thinking was that employees would stay and for those who would leave, it would be easy to find a replacement. Down-sizing and "right-sizing" have eroded the loyalty value of workers and the shrinking candidate pool has resulted in employers today looking and monitoring cost per hire and retention. One local bank has indicated that it cost them $7,000 every time a teller leaves. With 50% retention in this market, the estimated loss is in excess of $1,000,000 just in the hiring cost of replacement tellers.

Using our unique approach, we help companies greatly reduce their employee turnover and the high costs associated with replacing employees.